Notice considering change of Commons Forum panelists

Due to coronavirus disease control measures, all Commons Forum programs are modified to be broadcasted online. We are sorry to announce that some of the panelists won’t be able to attend the recording. Please be sure to check the following information for further details.


Commons Forum #3 “Arts and Virtuality”


・Maaike Bleeker *Won’t be unable to attend the forum.

・Jinyao Lin *Will join forum online from Taiwan.

・Other panelists will attend broadcasting as planned.


Commons Forum #4 “Arts and Politics”


Due to travel restrictions, C&G (Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng) won’t be able to travel to Japan. However, they will join broadcasting online from Hong Kong. Lecture-performance Am I a Ghost?  will be presented as planned online.


Following the change to online broadcasting, new panelists will join the discussion during the second part of the forum. (*New panelists)


Panelists from Hong Kong: C&G (Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng), *Tsubasa Kato

Panelists from Tokyo: Kyun-Chome, Daisuke Tsuda, *Akira Takayama, Chiaki Soma


<How to watch the content>

Link to the broadcasting channel has been sent to all pass purchasers via Peatrix. After live broadcasting, all forums will be available to watch until March 15.