Satoko Ichihara (Q)
"The Question of Faeries (Deluxe Edition)"

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Photo: Toshiaki Nakatani
Reborn in a “deluxe edition” with new creative collaborators, Satoko Ichihara’s masterpiece The Question of Faeries challenges our ideas of human life and sexuality.

Satoko Ichihara is a playwright and director who boldly and elaborately depicts feelings of unease around human life and sexuality. For this program, she will present a ROHM Theatre Kyoto-produced recreation of one of her major works, The Question of Faeries, which will show for the first time in Tokyo at TCT’22 following its Kyoto premiere.

Inspired by the 2016 Sagamihara stabbings, The Question of Faeries was created by Ichihara to confront her own eugenicist biases, the intense pressures of living in Japanese society, and other related issues. The piece acts as an attempt to “affirm all life as unhypocritically as possible.” In sharp brushstrokes she confronts the audience with relentless revelations of the societal discrimination and prejudices from which we consciously/unconsciously avert our eyes.

Where the premiere featured a single actor, this production will showcase seven (selected by auditions held specially for the recreation.) Reborn in a “deluxe edition” with a new cast and diverse staff, how will this work affect us in a time when the coronavirus has made tangible the imbalances in our society?


Satoko Ichihara
Playwright, director, novelist and Artistic Director of Kinosaki International Arts Center(KIAC). Born in 1988 in Osaka, raised in Fukuoka Japan. Studied theater at J.F. Oberlin University. Ichihara Satoko has led the theater company Q since 2011. She writes and directs plays that deal with human behavior, the physiology of the body, and the unease surrounding these themes, using her unique sense of language and physical sensitivity. In 2011, received the Aichi Arts Foundation Drama Award with the play “Insects.” In 2017, Nominated for finalist of 61st Kishida Kunio Playwriting Prize for “Favonia’s Fruitless Fable.” In 2019, she published her first collection of stories, “Mamito no tenshi (Mamito’s Angel).” In the same year, “The Bacchae−Holstein Milk Cows,” based on a Greek tragedy, premiered at Aichi Triennale 2019 and won the 64th Kishida Kunio Playwriting Prize. In 2021, she co-produced “Madama Butterfly” with the Theater Neumarkt (Zurich), which was presented at the Zurcher Theater Spektakel and the SPIELART Theatre Festival (Munich). She is a Saison Fellow Ⅰ artist of The Saison Foundation.

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February 20th [Sun] / 16:00
February 21st [Mon] / 18:00
February 22nd [Tue] / 13:00*/18:00
February 23rd [Wed] / 14:00

*Additional performance

Performance times

Approx. 130 min.


Libra Hall
1F Minato Park Shibaura, 1-16-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023

How to participate

Booking essential. Show general admission pass on entry.

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*The performance is suitable for over junior high school students.
*In this performance, you will be asked to take off your shoes.




Text and direction | Satoko Ichihara
Cast | [Part I] Chieko Asakura, Kanako Tsutsui [Part II] Eiji Oishi, Hanaka Kiki [Part III] Manami Hirokawa, Takuya Funakoshi, Fanta Midori
Music | Masashi Nukata (Tokyo Shiokouji / Nuthmique)
Music performance | Shu Akimoto, Haluna Ishigaki, Yusei Takahashi, Masashi Nukata
Set design | dot architects
Costume | Shie Minamino
Lighting | Rie Uomori
Lighting operator | Izumi Kato
Sound | Takeshi Inarimori
Sound assistant | Yumeka Hamada
Video | Kotaro Konishi
Stage manager | Takeshi Kawamura (ROHM Theatre Kyoto)
Dramaturge | Satoru Kimura
Direction assistant | Kota Yamada
Management | Shunsuke Manabe, Rika Kihara (ROHM Theatre Kyoto)
Flyer design | Hidenori Yoshioka (September Cowboy)
Illustration | Takero Kano
Produced by ROHM Theatre Kyoto ROHM Theatre Kyoto Repertory Works

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Stage support | URAK
Venue support | Minato City