"The Apocalypse of Women"

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The end of the world, as painted by the collective voices of women:
listen to the prophecies that invade our pandemic-stricken bodies.

Following their keen intuitions and inclinations, artist unit Kyun-Chome engages in a series of research endeavors, dialogues, and “actions” to cut to the core reality of their subjects. In recent years, they have turned their energies toward producing work with a focus on feminism.

This piece, The Apocalypse of Women, depicts the ends of various worlds. While the end of the world has long appeared in myths, predictions (prophesies), science fiction, and so on, most of these stories have been written by men. If women, then, were to predict the end of the world, what would it look like? In this piece, Kyun-Chome listens to the voices of women with different perspectives and backgrounds, relaying the resulting prophecies to their audience. These narratives will invade the audience’s bodies in unexpected ways, laying dormant within us until some future time.


Kyun-Chome is an artist unit comprised of the female-male duo Eri Homma and Nabuchi. They have created work, mainly in the form of video installation, in socially divided areas such as Fukushima Prefecture, Ishinomaki City, and Okinawa Prefecture, as well as in Hong Kong and Berlin. Kyun-Chome investigates the object of modern faith, which people seek out despite its transgressions of science and logical reasoning. Realized by way of unveiling this faith’s underling emotions and truth, their body of work blurs the boundaries between perpetrator and victim, parties involved and disinterested, and good and evil, poetically and humorously sublimating them.
For Aichi Triennale 2019, they engaged with sexual minorities such as transgender and non-binary, and created work called “I’m Sage” and “Until My Voice Dies” which describe the hardness to live in the Japanese society and the conflicts between parents and children.


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Concept and direction | Kyun-Chome
Collaborators | Women of various professions and positions
Supported by Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation Socially Engaged Art Support Grant FY2021