Nahum [Mexico/Germany]
“Another Life” / “Orbital Poetics”

Lecture Performance

Photo: SpaceX
Nahum takes us on a journey to reflect on our future existence on Earth, presenting a lecture- performance that poetically examines our intimate relationship with the universe.

Nahum is an artist from Mexico who is currently based in Berlin. His method crosses many fields ranging from space technology and illusion to hypnotism and music. He also founded KOSMICA, a space agency that explores the ever- imminent “cultural policies of outer space.” His practice pulls from a unique perspective connecting the humanities and arts with outer space and society.
Commissioned by Theater Commons Tokyo, he presents a two-part performance. In the first half, he uses hypnosis to lead the audience to a “future world” that they may one day inhabit. In the second, he gives a lecture-performance to navigate through a selection of his artworks and collaborations with space organizations including ISU, ESA, NASA and SpaceX. This endeavor reaches deep inside our perception and spiritual experience, traveling between reality and fantasy to transform our worldviews.


Born in 1979, Mexico City. Artist and musician based in Berlin. His pieces go deep into the human experiences by challenging our perceptions through unusual experiences, space technologies and meditative methods. Nahum is the founding director of KOSMICA, a global institute with the mission to establish a platform for critical cultural and poetic discourse on our relationship with outer space. He served as the Chair for the Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS), at the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) in Paris. In 2014, he was the first artist to be awarded the title of Young Space Leader for his unique cultural contributions to astronautics and space exploration. His work has been exhibited and performed internationally.


March 7th [Sat] / 14:00
March 8th [Sun] / 14:00

Performance times

approx. 120 min.


Goethe-Institut Tokyo
7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

How to Participate

Booking essential. Show general admission pass on entry.
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English (with Japanese interpretation)


Concept, Direction and Performance|Nahum
Production|Nahum Studios
Support|Goethe-Institut Tokyo