"Softest Places"


Strolling through the city with stuffed animal and tattered memories in hand, a ritualistic workshop brings us back into contact with our repressed “softness.”

Following their keen instincts and appetites, artist unit Kyun-Chome conducts medium to long term residencies both at home and abroad, engaging in a series of “actions,” research endeavors, interviews, and video creations in order to dig deep into the core reality of a given place. Engaging with their subjects as active participants themselves, their work exposes people’s inner emotions and contradictions and is currently proving overwhelmingly relatable, particularly amongst the youth.
For TCT’20, they will gather about 20 participants to hold a ritualistic workshop. At the center of this will be stuffed animals, objects with which we all shared our childhoods and that we all one day forgot. Where is the stuffed animal you loved the most as a child now? Through the group created by Kyun-Chome and through their individual actions, participants will divulge their own unconscious “softest places.”


Formed in 2011, Kyun-Chome is an artist unit comprised of the female-male duo Eri Homma and Nabuchi. They have created work, mainly in the form of video installation, in socially divided areas such as Fukushima Prefecture, Ishinomaki City, and Okinawa Prefecture, as well as in Hong Kong and Berlin. In 2016 they held solo exhibition Hi in the darkness in Komagome Soko, Tokyo. Participated in Reborn-Art Festival 2017, Gangwon International Biennale 2018, and recently designed an installation Until my voice dies for Aichi Triennale 2019.


March 1st [Sun] / 13:00-16:00
March 2nd [Mon] / 13:00-16:00

Performance times

approx. 3 hours


Participants will be individually informed of the venue, which is planned to be in Minato ward.

How to Participate

Free / Booking essential. (in case of high demand, entry will be allocated by lottery)
Application Closed
– Application period: January 20th-February 10th, 2020 (applicants will be notified of the results by email by February 14th)
– Number of places: 20 (in case of high demand, entry will be allocated by lottery)


– Please bring the stuffed animal you loved the most as a child.
– Please wear clothing that does not restrict movement (pants, not skirts) (the workshop will be held outside, so please dress for the weather.)
– Please inform us in advance if you are claustrophobic, germaphobic, or allergic to house dust.
– Participants will receive details by email.




Concept, Direction and Performance|Kyun-Chome