Using theater
Making a theater


Various places in
Minato ward, Tokyo

Using theater. Making a theater.
A series of lecture performances,
workshops and talks harnessing
the imagination of theater
to create a new commons.
“Theater” means both a performance place and the medium of the performing arts.
Since ancient times to the present, in both Asia and the West,
theater has functioned as a communal act of ritual, entertainment, requiem, and even legal judgment.
Today, theatre has transformed and concealed itself as part of our daily lives.
How, then, is it possible now to use theater? And what form should new theater take?
How is it possible now to make a theater space? And what form should that take?
This series of events is inspired by these questions, weaving new language and
experiences to take the first step toward creating a theater commons.

Chiaki Soma (director, Arts Commons Tokyo)