Meiro Koizumi
“Prometheus the Fire-Bringer”

“Prometheus the Fire-Bringer”

  • VR Performance
©Meiro Koizumi
The final chapter of the VR Prometheus Trilogy.
A neo-futuristic mythology created by the “New Human.”

Meiro Koizumi is an artist who blends reality and fiction in experimental videos and performances that explore the relationships between the state, the collective, and the individual, as well as the human body and its emotions. In recent years, he has presented numerous works that incorporate AR/VR technology into performance. His Aichi Triennale 2019-premiered theater piece Prometheus Bound has been performed in Japan and abroad to high acclaim, winning the Grand Prize in the 24th Art Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival.
In this new work, Koizumi presents Prometheus the Fire-Bringer, the final chapter of the Prometheus trilogy, following the VR play Prometheus Bound (2019) and VR sculpture Prometheus Unbound (2021). The myth of Prometheus, who stole fire from the heavens and bestowed it upon humanity, symbolizes the tension between humans and technology. When the bodies and knowledge of the human race are actually altered by genetic engineering, what kind of pain or pleasure will the “new human” feel, and how will they reconstruct their relationship with nature and the universe? Using this query as a departure point for exploration, Koizumi creates a neo-futuristic mythology that can only be experienced through the world of VR. Will the participants witness a new and improved version of the human race from a near future…or something else?


Meiro Koizumi
Born in 1976 in Gunma, Japan. He explores the relationships between the state/community and the individual, and between the human body and emotions, through experimental videos and performances that interweave reality and fiction. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions such as Tate Modern’s BMW Tate Live, Shanghai Biennale, and Sharjah Biennale. His solo exhibitions include “Battlelands” (Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2018), “Today My Empire Sings” (Vacant, Tokyo, 2017), “Trapped Words Dream of Silence” (Arts Maebashi, Japan, 2015), “Projects 99: Meiro Koizumi” (Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2013). His experimental VR Theater piece “Prometheus Bound,” which was premiered at Aichi Triennale 2019, won the Grand Prize in the 24th Art Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2021, he won Artes Mundi Prize (Cardiff, UK). His installation works are included in numerous public collections worldwide.

Photo: Matadero Madrid/Photo: Bego Solís


February 23rd [Thu], 24th [Fri], March 2nd [Thu], 3rd [Fri] 16:00/16:30/17:00/17:30/18:00/18:30/

February 25th [Sat], 26th [Sun], March 4th [Sat], 5th [Sun] 13:00/13:30/14:00/14:30/15:00/15:30/

Performance times

Approx. 30 min.


3-15-4 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023

How to participate

Booking essential. Show general admission pass on entry.

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Japanese (English translation of the text will be provided)


Concept and Direction | Meiro Koizumi
VR Production | Katsuya Taniguchi (Rhino Studios)
Assistant Director | Wataru Koyama
Stage Manager | Marie Moriyama
Production Management | bench Co.

Support | JST Keio Spring “Nurturing of doctoral students who will map the grand designs for future society,” Core Program Arts/Design/Communication