Commons Talk #2
“Presenting Susanne Kennedy, Markus Selg and Rodrik Biersteker”

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For Commons Talk #2, we present an online discussion with Susanne Kennedy, a leading director of the post-human era, artist Markus Selg, who gives visual shape to the corresponding worldviews and Rodrik Biersteker as the collaborator. We will discuss the concept and methodologies of I AM (VR) (commissioned by Theater Commons Tokyo and making its world premiere at our fifth edition), along with a rumination on theater and virtuality, as well as a philosophical take on the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

Panelists |
Susanne Kennedy (Director)
Markus Selg (Multi-media artist)
Rodrik Biersteker (Artist)

Moderator | Chiaki Soma (Director of Theater Commons Tokyo)


Susanne Kennedy
Born in Germany in 1977. Susanne Kennedy studied direction at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam, debuted on the Dutch stage. In 2011 she was invited to work at the Münchner Kammerspiele. For “Fegefeuer in Ingolstadt,” she was voted Young Director of the Year by Theater heute magazine in 2013. In recent years, she has been based at Volksbühne Berlin and Münchner Kammerspiele, produced “ULTRAWORLD” and “ORACLE” with Markus Selg in 2020. Distorted by masks, playback dialogue, doppelgängers and multimedia, the actors confront the audience with a post-humanistic subjectivity.

© Franziska Sinn

Markus Selg
Born in Germany 1974. Markus Selg is a multi-media artist exploring the dynamics between archaic myth and computer technology in forms of digital painting, sculpture, immersive installations, theatre and VR. Selection of exhibitions / performances: “COMING SOCIETY” and “ULTRAWORLD” 2019/2020 at Volksbühne Berlin. For “ULTRAWORLD” he received the Faust Award 2020 for best stage design. He has been active across a variety of genres, including performing art, feature films, and opera productions.

Rodrik Biersteker
Born in the Netherlands in 1986, studied Design for Virtual Theater and Games at the HKU University of Arts in Utrecht. He is an interdisciplinary artist who primarily uses video and interactive technologies in a theatrical context. In recent years, there have been numerous collaborations with Susanne Kennedy in productions for the Ruhrtriennale, Münchner Kammerspiele and Volksbühne Berlin, the latest being “ULTRAWORLD” (2020) for he and Markus Selg were awarded the Faust prize for best stage/video design.

Chiaki Soma
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February 20th [Sat] / 19:00-20:30

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90 min.



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English (with Japanese interpretation)


Interpreter | Kanoko Tamura