Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot[the Netherlands]

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Image: Rodrik Biersteker
Sleep and dreaming as incubation, curative transformation — an online lecture performance teasing healing theater.

Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot is an artist group based in the Netherlands. They have pursued bold artistic practices for twenty years in their performances that radically straddle the boundaries between the performing arts, visual art, and social experiments. At Holland Festival in summer 2021, they focused on curative transformation (incubation) through dreaming, and garnered attention with their ritual-cum-healing performance enacted by 30 dolls and their carers.

Theater Commons Tokyo has commissioned them to create and present an online lecture performance themed around “incubation,” which will build on extensive research offering feminist reinterpretations of healing practices past and present, east and west, from ancient civilizations to modern youth culture. Through dialogues and discussion with Japan and other parts of Asia, it will further present possibilities for ritualistic healing theater in the pandemic age.


The work of the artist-duo Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot revolves around the relation between humankind, nature, and technology. They create liminal spaces in which the homo digitalis can train its bodily perception so as to engage with new (virtual) worlds coming into existence. Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot’s work lends itself to the grey space, a zone between the black box and the white cube, stretching both theatrical and museal rules and conventions. After an exploration of image culture in the Visual Statements-series (2011–2014), they continued their artistic research on digital creatures in a non-human era in the Future Fossils-series, and are now developing a new series titled “Rooms for Transformation” (2021–2024). Attempting to make space for the future, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot questions the fixed idea of what is human so as to transition towards a more livable future.

Photo: Willem de Kam


February 19th [Sat] / 19:00–21:00

Performance times

120 min.
Part 1 | Lecture performance screening
Part 2 | Artist talk (Modelator | Kyoko Iwaki)



How to participate

Please access the program via the link on the dedicated page sent upon purchase of your pass.
*For Part 1, we recommend using a hand-held device such as a smartphone and headphones. If possible, participate in a safe environment where you can concentrate.

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Lecture performance screening |
Live streaming: Japanese
Archive: Japanese and English
Artist talk | English (with Japanese interpretation)


Direction | Suzan Boogaerdt, Bianca van der Schoot
Japanese voice | Tomoko Momiyama (Art Translators Collective)
English voice | Suzan Boogaerdt
Visuals | UBERNERD
Sound | Remco de Jong, Florentijn Boddendijk
Dramaturgy | Kyoko Iwaki
Text | Bianca van der Schoot
Translation | Kyle Yamada, Tomoko Momiyama (Art Translators Collective)
Japanese script supervision | Tomoko Momiyama (Art Translators Collective)
Interpretation | Tomoko Momiyama (Art Translators Collective)

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands